We are pleased to present you with the NEW version of our site, but please also note that this is still a draft site - there are only a few sample books available, indicating the details that will be available for all books in the future.

Web Site Development Details:
There has been a tremendous amount of work done on developing this web site over the past four years, by a combination of over a hundred volunteers and summer students. That work has largely focused on developing a customized database, and entering the detailed information about the books and other resource materials that we carry. We have almost three thousand items in the database. We hope to have a fully functioning web site up by the fall of 2005. We may have a LIST of books available here online at some point this summer. In the mean time, you can always contact us by email, phone, or fax to inquire about and order our books.

Information about The Sustainable Living Network:
The Sustainable Living Network is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to supporting people, groups, and communities to move towards healthier, more sustainable ways of living through education. The areas that we focus on are: permaculture; organic farming, gardening, and urban agriculture; natural building techniques; renewable energy; alternative grey water and black water treatment systems and composting toilets; ecovillages, cohousing, and intentional communities; communication, facilitation, consensus, and conflict resolution skill development; as well as personal growth and health. We offer workshops and courses in these areas, as well as occasional internships, through our organization and in partnership with other people and organizations. Learn more about us at www.sustainablelivingnetwork.org.

Information about Sustainable Living Books:
Sustainable Living Books is a volunteer-run community service bookstore that is a project of the Sustainable Living Network. We carry over 3.000 items focused on the aspects of sustainable and healthy living represented by the Sustainable Living Network. Over the past five years, we have been making a wide range of books and other resources available at eco events and festivals. A team of volunteers takes the books to 12 eco events per year, (please click here for a list of upcoming events). In addition to the live events, we will be going up online here at www.sustainablelivingbooks.com in the fall of 2005.

Making Sustainable Living Books a sustainable community service bookstore:
The margins in the book industry, and any profit we make on sales goes into inventory that we bring to shows. This project would not exist without the work of over a hundred volunteers have put in thousands of hours to develop this community service bookstore. We would really appreciate your contribution to helping us make this project sustainable: you can contribute by volunteering, telling people about us, and, of course, through purchasing our books and resource materials. Please help us make this service sustainable by considering Sustainable Living Books as your primary source for resource materials about sustainable living. Thank you.

Click here for a sample of the detailed book descriptions to come.

Here are some sample pages for our future website to give you an idea of various elements we will incorporate into the site:

Category Listings page
Book description page
Advanced search page
Members log in page